Why A Carolina Museum Of The Marine?

“Why are you committed to building this museum?”
“Aren’t you replicating The Museum of the Marine Corps in Quantico, Virginia?”

These are among the most frequently asked questions we have fielded though the years. And here is the answer: Carolina Museum of the Marine will celebrate the rich and remarkable history of the Carolina Marines—a story not recounted elsewhere, not even in the National Museum of the Marine Corps. In that sense, our story is unique, our museum is entirely complementary, neither duplicative, nor redundant.

Indeed, the many “Why?” questions underscore the importance of this undertaking, as they disclose a widespread under-appreciation, even among seasoned Marines and their Sea Service brethren, of the truly remarkable innovations, the almost innumerable Marine Corps “firsts” that have originated in the Carolinas, home, since the eve of the Second World War, of the Carolina Marine Air/Ground (and Logistics) Task Force—in Marine Corps parlance, the vaunted “Carolina MAGTF” (pronounced, “mag-taf”). We invite you to view our 6 minute video, “Long Live the Legends,” to appreciate the scope of our museum.

What was initially conceived to be a museum honoring the storied Second Marine Division (the ground combat element of the Carolina MAGTF) eventually gave way to a larger story, a fascinating story of the origins and evolution of the entire Marine Air/Ground Task Force, born and bred, cultivated, refined, and home based in North and South Carolina. If the Marine Corps-specific acronym, MAGTF, were universally known and understood, we might well have called this the Carolina MAGTF Museum.

But even that title might have been a bit too narrow. To be sure, the Museum of the Marine will capture and portray the history of the Carolina MAGTF, practiced in peacetime, proven many times over in virtually “every clime and place.” But it will also recount—and this, to us, is quite significant–the story of the host communities that have evolved hand in hand with their colorful, sometimes boisterous, but always “first to fight,” “Soldiers of the Sea,” while embracing, safeguarding, and taking special care of their families. So, what was once envisioned to be a museum honoring the

Second Marine Division, eventually grew conceptually to embrace the entire Carolina MAGTF, to include the bases and stations and host communities inextricably part of MAGTF history.

So, why are we building a museum?
Because the proud, distinctive history of the Carolina Marines and Sailors is a compelling story that needs to be told. If we don’t tell it, people will forget.


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