The Marine Experience and Civic Institute

Paying tribute to Carolina Marines and Sailors…Paying it forward by preserving the core values of our nation for future generations.


To create and sustain an historical and educational complex showcasing the selfless sacrifice, extraordinary achievements and steadfast service of Carolina Marines and Sailors and their host communities while promoting the core values of American citizenship.


The Museum and Citizenship Institute will preserve the historic achievements, values, and ingenuity that are the hallmark of Carolina Marines and Sailors.  We envision a dynamic and engaging complex with two mutually reinforcing activity centers:

  • A world class, high tech and high touch museum that brings to life the legacy of Carolina Marines and Sailors and
  • A companion institute in which students of all ages will learn and practice the enduring core values of American citizenship and the civic virtue that is emblematic of our Marine Corps legends.

The Museum complex will highlight significant historic events, including notable innovations, that have contributed to national security strategy, military operations and doctrinal thought.  Underscored throughout will be the pivotal role of Carolina Marines and Sailors, along with their host communities, in providing a dynamic arena in which to discover tangible examples of leadership and sacrifice. 

Using the United States Marine Corps’ modern philosophy and thought processes, the Institute will offer transformational experiences that will incorporate a program of instruction leveraging state of the art methods and technology.  Attendees of the Institute will find themselves in a rich learning environment, led by distinguished civilian and military faculty and guest lecturers.

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