The Art of Thinking: How to think, not what to think

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Whatever human beings can do, they can do well or badly. Thinking is no exception! Learn how to think and communicate critically, strategically and clearly. The Art of Thinking is the flagship class of Al Gray Civic Institute. General Gray, throughout his military service, has encouraged students and Marines to learn how to think, not what to think.  In order to “think well” (rather than badly!) you will learn about the basics of critical thinking: deductive and inductive thinking, the structures of argument and evidence, justification, and the kinds of errors in argumentation that are often encountered in public discourse.  The focus is first on learning how to listen and to think about and understand what one is hearing. This, by the way, includes reading, which is a form of listening. We want people to be able to listen, understand, evaluate, and formulate in their minds appropriate replies to others. In this way, we learn the all-important art of conversation. True civil discourse requires independent thinking and understanding. Student Advisory:  This course consists of five classes, each divided into subclasses and building one upon the other. Learning to think well takes time. With these skills, you will embark on a lifelong process that will serve you well in every setting and situation.