The Marine Experience and Civic Institute Project Update

The Building

Phase I of construction, Reflection and Celebration Park, dedicated on May 6, 2016, features the world’s largest bronze Eagle, Globe and Anchor sculpture, standing at a staggering 13 feet high with an 11 foot wingspread and weighing 2,500 pounds. Tribute bricks, available for purchase in honor or memory of loved ones and friends, line the walkways in honor and memory of those who serve(d). 

Phase I also included the installation of the inground infrastructure for the Museum & Institute as well as award-winning architectural designs and engineering plans.

Phase II is underway, with a campaign goal of $28M to build the 40,000 square foot museum and Civic Institute, and to design and install exhibits, classrooms and theaters, and immersive technology.  In addition to commemorating the legacy and the many firsts of the Marines and Sailors who serve(d) in the Carolinas, the Museum and Institute will host a variety of formal and informal events, from promotion, reenlistment and retirement ceremonies, to reunions, Marine Corps and Navy balls, educational workshops, leadership training, symposia, conferences, and other special offerings.

The Civic Institute

Our mission to build principled, committed citizens is bringing together a strong cadre of military and civilian leaders.  Leaders Can Be Made was piloted at Swansboro High School in North Carolina in the spring of 2019.  Our new course, Critical Thinking for Leadership and Civic Engagement, will launch in spring of 2021, depending upon any remaining COVID-19 restrictions.  This immersive course teaches how to think, not what to think.  Students will engage in practical applications of critical thinking using current topics of interest to them and gaining skills such as clear communication, active listening, and decision-making.

Want to be a part of our exciting mission?  Contact Ashley Danielson at 910-937-0033 extension 11 or by email at  Contributions may be made online at Make a Donation.  Please include “capital campaign” in the comments box.  Thank you!  


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