Lesson 7 – Logical Fallacies

In this video, we will learn about fallacies of reason, which are mistakes that people make that can often turn an argument into a shouting match or create harsh feelings, driving people apart. The purpose of conversation is to draw people together, which is the whole point of learning the art of thinking. We will examine five fallacies, starting with the ad hominem fallacy, which attacks the person making the argument instead of the argument itself. The false dilemma fallacy is committed when someone insists there are only two options when there are more than two, and the straw man fallacy diverts attention from an argument by replacing it with a different argument that is easier to rebut. The argument from ignorance fallacy comes to a conclusion without any premises or facts, and the slippery slope fallacy begins with an observation of no particular urgency and ends in turmoil and struggle.