General Al Gray
USMC (Ret) - 29th Commandant of the Marine Corps

Honoring the legacy of Carolina Marines and Sailors

Sustaining the ideals that are the foundation of our nation and

Inspiring principled, committed citizens.

A Firm Foundation for the Future

“We have an overarching opportunity to provide a forward-thinking institute designed to ensure that the contributions of our United States Marines to our Nation’s freedom are remembered, teach young and old alike, through the use of advanced technologies, the civic virtue in understanding what made our great Nation a leader of the free world and help prepare our young people to lead, to follow and to cope with future challenges.” 

General Al Gray, 29th Commandant (USMC, Ret.) 




Carolina Museum of the Marine

We are building a 40,000 square foot Museum and Institute showcasing Marines who, through their service to the nation, exemplify civic commitment in action. The Museum will highlight the many accomplishments and innovations of Carolina Marines and Sailors and the enduring contributions of their host communities since WWII including:

  • Expeditionary Warfare and Amphibious Operations
  • Carolina MAGTF (Marine Air Ground Task Force) and Development of Maneuver Warfare Philosophy
  • MV-22 Osprey
  • Montford Point Marines
  • Women Marines
  • War Dogs | Military Working Dogs
  • Wounded Warrior Barracks

Al Gray Civic Institute is developing and providing the programs of the Museum.  We are developing and offering courses and resources that equip citizens to:

Understand the concepts and ideals upon which our nation was founded,

Appreciate the history of our nation empowered by private energies and public responsibilities,

Develop critical thinking skills that support civil discourse and effective civic participation,

Recognize and respect our differences while valuing what we all have in common as Americans,

Celebrate our enduring form of government and the individual freedoms that make it possible.

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