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There is much on the Internet to be avoided, but if one knows where to look, there is much also of great value. Al Gray Civic Institute provides fact-based, verifiable content about American political and constitutional history, American political order, ethics, the arts of thinking and conversation. At the Institute, students are able to explore ideas about our founding and development as a country using original documents such as declarations, constitutions, speeches, letters, essays, books and more.

 Understanding how to think, not what to think, citizens become ever better equipped to engage in civic conversation, which is the heart and soul of civic friendship and self-government. We invite you to engage our courses on thinking and civic participation beginning wherever you are, and at whatever pace is comfortable for you. We Americans have much of importance to discuss. Let us be about it!

“The Art of Thinking: How to Think, Not What to Think ” Online Course

Our critical thinking course borrows the lessons that guide the Marines. They are designed to build a solid foundation of core personal values that allow the individual to respond from a place of vision.  This will help the individual stay the course through the winds of adversity. These courses include subjects such as “The Art of Independent Thinking”, “Understanding the American Constitution”, and more.

Clear thinking and careful preservation of American History are the main goals of these courses. By focusing on the art of how we think, we can form our own conclusions and opinions. Likewise, when we can approach our history with clear thinking, we are better able to form our own opinions. The fundamental mission of Al Gray Civic Institute is to sustain the ideals that are the foundation of our nation and to build principled, committed citizens.  If you are interested in bettering yourself and learning more about the world around you, these courses are for you.

There are many benefits to online learning. With the ability to tackle the course at your own pace, you have added flexibility and demonstrate self-motivation. You also learn new technical skills and gain a broader perspective. Think competently and approach our history with honesty and care; and go through the courses at your own pace.


List of Upcoming Online Courses

  • The Art of Thinking: How to think, not what to think
  • Understanding the American Constitution
  • The Founding Principles of the United States

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Clear thinking and careful preservation of history.


Think competently and approach our history with honesty and care.  Are you ready to learn more? Our team offers independent thinking courses and more. Sign up in person, online, or for group training.