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There is much on the Internet to be avoided, but if one knows where to look, there is much also of great value. Al Gray Leadership Offerings provides fact-based, verifiable content about American and constitutional history, American order, ethics, the arts of thinking and conversation. At the Al Gray Marine Leadership Forum, students are able to explore ideas about our founding and development as a country using original documents such as declarations, constitutions, speeches, letters, essays, books and more.

 Understanding how to think, not what to think, leaders become ever better equipped to engage in conversation, which is the heart and soul of friendship and self-government. We invite you to engage our courses on thinking and participation, beginning wherever you are, and at whatever pace is comfortable for you. We Americans have much of importance to discuss. Let us be about it!

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The Art of Thinking

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The Art of Thinking is a comprehensive course designed to equip learners with the skills needed to think critically, make sound arguments and develop better decision-making abilities. Over the course…
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Introduction to Ethics

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This course is an introduction to ethics, in particular, Virtue Ethics, which is important to our American political tradition. Leaders in our country have understood that, for a people to…
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